Symposium on ‘Cooking as a ritual: Cuisine and Culture in the globalized 21st Century World’ in Lyons, France, JUne 28-29

26/04/2017 10:55
Symposium & Workshop
Cuisine and culture in the globalized 21st century world.
28th – 29th June 2017
Cooking is one of the most interesting characteristic of one culture
It gathers indeed material aspects (ingredients, tools, places) and symbolic values(representation, type of meals) that are often shared by social groups, while varying a lot at a global point of view. 
From this perspective, cooking can be considered as ritual. 
The cook has indeed to respect codes and rules (regarding places, technics and materials) that are linked to specific representation, to create a product that eater(s) will believe can be eaten – that’s to say incorporated, physically and symbolically. 
However, food – and de facto cooking is deeply impacted by the increase of global exchanges that characterize globalization
acculturation of new products, sharing of recipes, modification of food patterns… 
The aim of this symposium will thus be to question 
the evolution of cooking perceived as a ritual in a globalized world.