Explore a Virtual Issue on Sociological and Behavioral Influences on Food Intake

08/08/2017 22:28

Sociological and Behavioral Influences on Food Intake

Most people seek to buy and consume nutritious foods, but achieving a balanced diet is often viewed as elusive or challenging. The articles in this special issue explore a range of sociological and behavioral influences on food intake across the lifespan. From parenting styles that foster healthy eating versus picky eating, through socioeconomic realities, experiments with menu labeling and messaging, and cultural differences in fluid intake, many factors affect dietary behavior. Understanding these complex influences is the first step to leveraging them with practical tools and solutions to ensure the health of populations around the world.

Contribution of food prices and diet cost to socioeconomic disparities in diet quality and health: a systematic review and analysis
Nicole Darmon; Adam Drewnowski

Food reward system: current perspectives and future research needs
Miguel Alonso-Alonso; Stephen C. Woods; Marcia Pelchat; Patricia Sue Grigson; Eric Stice; Sadaf Farooqi; Chor San Khoo; Richard D. Mattes; Gary K. Beauchamp

Correlates of picky eating and food neophobia in young children: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Natasha Chong Cole; Ruopeng An; Soo-Yeun Lee; Sharon M. Donovan

Effectiveness of social marketing strategies to reduce youth obesity in European school-based interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Magaly Aceves-Martins; Elisabet Llauradó; Lucia Tarro; Carlos Francisco Moreno-García; Tamy Goretty Trujillo Escobar; Rosa Solà; Montse Giralt

Correlates of dietary behavior in adults: an umbrella review
Ester F.C. Sleddens; Willemieke Kroeze; Leonie F.M. Kohl; Laura M. Bolten; Elizabeth Velema; Pam Kaspers; Stef P.J. Kremers; Johannes Brug

Influence of menu labeling on food choices in real-life settings: a systematic review
Ana C. Fernandes; Renata C. Oliveiral; Rossana P.C. Proença; Cintia C. Curioni; Vanessa M. Rodrigues; Giovanna M.R. Fiates

Patterns of drinking and eating across the European Union: implications for hydration status
Ibrahim Elmadfa; Alexa L. Meyer